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A red floor enclosed by dark walls: this is how the scene in the Fassbinder room at the Elfo Puccini looks like. Suddenly, however, something changes: bodies appear, dressed in simple white clothes, which, like fragile insects discovered digging the earth, open up in those black walls. And while an off-screen voice tells about the man and his relationship with art, a spotlight illuminates a microphone. It is almost a signal: a compact chorus forms on stage, bombarding with incomprehensible whispers the individual who, having broken away from the group, now faces it dancing alone. Diego Tortelli's gaze on art and on the body is like this: a continuous mutation, a rhapsody of images and forms to which to abandon oneself. In fact, the scene changes again: the pulsations of the music become harder and two male figures turn into monsters. White male bodies, white bull heads: their fight fills the stage. Tight movements unite them in perfectly symmetrical geometric shapes; the strength of the lines sculpted by their arms strikes the spectator in the chest, leaving him petrified as if in a trance. A trance as archaic as the labyrinth of the Minotaur, but as dazzling as the clarity of contemporaneity that finds its perfect synthesis in dance.


“VITREAE VULTUS” has being created in 2017 for "DANCEHAUS COMPANY"

Choreography: Diego Tortelli

Music: AAVV

Music consultant: Francesco Sacco

Light design: Diego Tortelli

Assistant to the choreographer: Selene Manzoni

Press photos: Cristina Valla 

Dancers: Anita Lorusso, Vanessa Loi, Vittoria Franchina, Camilla De Campo, Vanessa Franzoi, Giuseppe Morello, Giovanni Leone 

DURATION 20' for 7 dancers


Co-production DanceHaus and festival MILANOLTRE 


Pasiphae is a contemporary art performance made of dance and sounds, articulated starting from the symbolic transposition of the original story: the three dancers on stage are not characters, but simple narrative traits of the story, which is therefore not proposed to the audience in a chronological-descriptive sense, but metaphorical and abstract, capturing the salient aspects of the narrative dynamics, facts of the characters and the development of the myth symbols of the human collective unconscious. The external conditioning (such as the unfulfilled will of a god) is translated into the mise-en-scene by the presence of an analogue radio with magnetic tape, which manifests with its sounds the will of the divine (and in general of all that is "other" and praeter-terrestrial), present in the immanence of everyday life but also distant, impositional and certainly not human. What the magnetic tape "says", disregarded by the behavior of the performers on stage, will echo in the hall in the musical system, making the fate of the actors of this drama unavoidable and highlighting the ultra-human nature of the manifested will. The choreographic and sound work proceed at the same pace starting from the events narrated by the myth, offering the spectator original choreography and music. In addition to the inevitability of the course of events, the key element of Pasiphae is the longing for contact with the boundaries of human and their overcoming, staged through the extreme distortion of movement, the partial dehumanization of the performers through the use of masks and the use of sound frequencies close to the threshold of audibility.


“PASIPHAE” has being created in 2017 for "MILANOLTRE DANCE FESTIVAL"

Choreography: Diego Tortelli

Music: AAVV

Music consultant: Francesco Sacco

Lighti design: Diego Tortelli

Assistant to the choreographer: Selene Manzoni

Press photos: Luca Condorelli 

Dancers: Anita Lorusso, Vanessa Loi, Giuseppe Morello

DURATION 15' for 3 dancers


Vox Multitudinis (The voice of the people), deploys on stage the entire company of the Teatro Massimo of Palermo. The initial duets and quartets are replaced by the group lined up frontally and then loosely on the white carpets, first on the ground to delimit a black square, then raised to make them the backdrop, then in the center as a total geometric milky space as are the costumes of the dancers. To the music of Jóhann Jóhannsson their movements flow in unison or broken up in a linear interweaving of arms and legs thrown like arrows, of undulating gestures, of chest beats, in search of relationships that break the solitude, the uniformity, in order to pulsate with new life and unity.


“VOX MULTITUDINIS” has being created in 2016 for "TEATRO MASSIMO di PALERMO"

Choreography: Diego Tortelli

Music: Johann Johannsson

Lighti design: Diego Tortelli

Assistant to the choreographer: Marco Bellone

Press photos: Rosellina Garbo

Dancers: Alessandro Cascioli, Riccardo Riccio, Gaetano La Mantia, Gianluca Mascia, Marcello Carini, Daniele Chiodo, Andrea Mocciardini, Vito Bortone, Michele Morelli, Diego Millesimo, Diego Maria Mulone, Benedetto Oliva, Francesca Davoli, Pauline Perrault, Romina Leone, Simona Filippone, Elisa Arnone, Alessia Pollini, Francesca Bellone, Giorgia Leonardi, Jessica Tranchina, Annamaria Margozzi 

DURATION 20' for 22 dancers

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