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"The dancers are imperious in their roles, they move with elastic agility following a narrative line in unison with the music, the design and a skilfully refined play of lights and costumes, between a jolt of classical music and, scratch immissions wisely dosed, creating an assortment of typical contemporary sounds, thus showing the virtuosity of the whole ensemble. An audacious rewriting of the most famous of classical ballets, a version of "Sleeping Beauty" that each of us can understand if we approach the creation with a sense of freedom without overly hasty positions that often deprive us of objective insight."

Michele Olivieri for Sipario



"BELLA ADDORMENTATA" by Diego Tortelli for the "BALLETTO DI TOSCANA JUNIOR" directed by Cristina Bozzolini is a new creation that through a reading key dropped in contemporary reality offers us a new interpretation of one of the most famous fables of world literature; it is that white space, but at the same time dark in which man hides his dreams and desires. Unlike the original fairy tale by Perrault or the famous ballet of the same name by Petipa, here the gap between good and evil, light and dark does not really exist, because every man hides within himself both the presence and the absence of light and especially a multiple graduation of shadows. 

"BELLA ADDORMENTATA" is the poetry not yet written in the heart of man, only by awakening it will open his eyes and allow him to observe the world: a monochromatic metropolis like the pages of a book yet to be written.

Created in 2017 for "Junior Company BdT"


1st December 2017 - Teatro Comunale Ferrara

the show has been represented for about 35 shows throughout Italy during 2018 and 2019

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Music consultant: Francesco Sacco

Dramaturgy and choreography: Diego Tortelli 

Light design: Carlo Cerri 

Costume design: Santi Rinciari 

Dancers: ensemble of "Junior Company BdT"

DURATION 100' for 14 dancers

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