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TERRANOVA | body maps


Geography is concerned with the earth’s surface, with people, and with people’s material and intellectual environments.
So geography is about the world in which we live.
A strength of geography lies in the combination of natural and social scientific perspectives and methods.”

The research project and 30-minute short piece "TERRANOVA body maps" is dedicated to the field of physical geography and anthrophogeography in order to present a "human geography" in a very literal sense, conceived both externally and internally. Fascinated by and based on soundscapes of natural landscapes and the sound analyses of these, biophony and anthrophony, Tortelli & Wurm explore the interplay between humans and nature in general.

In order to present this dissonance, which prevails in today's urban society, on a variety of levels that have different immersive effects on the audience, they let the two dancers' bodies encounter a sound design that itself breaks between natural and industrial sounds, supported by a light installation that splits up the space rather architectonically. The aim is to transcend accepted boundaries and explore new interactions between light, space, sound and movement.

The focus is on a deliberately theatrical space that resembles an industrial one and contains a break with nature. To further emphasize this, the industrial spatial body remains openly perceptible and uncovered. The only natural elements are the two dancers' bodies, but even these are no longer shown in their natural flow, but in their fragmentation and distorted connection to the outside through Tortelli's choreographic language of form and movement. Both primal bodies with clear, structured forms fitted into a cartographic system of homo sociologicus, as well as creatures that cannot really correspond to this in their physique and psyche.

Artistic direction & choreography: Diego Tortelli

Concept & dramaturgy: Miria Wurm

Dance: Hélias Tur-Dorvault & Sandra Salietti Aguilera (Premiere version:  Minouche van de Ven & Benoit Couchot)

Music: Ran Slavin with Interior/Nova Huta, Foreigner/Snow Tracks, Klezmer Pimp/Etch, Light Movement/ Nova Huta

Lighting design & operator: Rainer Ludwig

Sound design: Federico Bigonzetti

Costume tailoring: Nuvia Valestri

Costume adjustments: CHRISTEL und SINN

Production management: Miria Wurm

Sound: Dennis Schmidt

Press & public relations: Simone Lutz

Videography: Valeria Civardi

Graphic design: Alessandro Tortelli


A production of Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm GbR


Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program 

NEUSTART KULTUR Germany. And by the Cultural Foundation of Stadtsparkasse München.


Co-produced and supported by Orsolina28 – Art Foundation.


With the kind support of Tanztendenz München e.V. and HochX Theater.

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