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Diego Tortelli‘s Shoot me is a creation of about half an hour, an abstract but very tense ballet full of energy for the entire group of sixteen Aterballetto dancers, on stage with glittery hair and casual clothes.

The choice of the strong rhythms of Spiritualized, an English rock band from the 1990s, mixed with the poems recited by Jim Morrison is beautiful, giving a charged tension to the encounters, to the individual and group actions, crossed by a great complicity and a dizzying force that gives the tone to the story, expressed with technical perfection by the dancers.

Anna Bandettini, La Repubblica



SHOOT ME is a creation for the company ATERBALLETTO on the music by the English rock band Spiritualized, formed in 1990, and on some recordings of Jim Morrison declaiming poems about freedom. The construction of the work is based on the concept of “concert-ballet” revised in a contemporary way: music and dance are combined to create a piece without a story, but, thanks to the power of music, sometimes aggressive and sometimes poetic, this piece guides us to discover open imaginaries and emotions. A central element of SHOOT ME is the group strength guided by individual voices, the desire of a body that wishes to be observed and a body that wants to be perceived, that wants to communicate.

The work is inspired by images of demonstrations, pride, catwalks, everything that unites us in a group and at the same time allows us not to lose our individual voices. The exact opposite of a military parade or a political party. We refer to the beauty of the body at the community’s disposal as a source of entertainment, but also of reflection and research. “SHOOT ME” is in fact the term used by video makers when they film an action with a camera. In pop culture, instead, ” SHOOT ME ” is a slang term that is often used as a request to feel emotions after a period of alexithymia “please, shoot me with some feelings…”.

A work that wants to create a direct dialogue between the dancers on stage and the audience in the auditorium: a game of seduction, of looks, of sweat, an assault on the senses and an ode to the body, to breathing the same air, sweat, tears, fury, pride.

Creation for 16 dancers of the company ATERBALLETTO 

Choreography:  Diego Tortelli
Music:  Spiritualized
Costumes:  Marco De Vincenzo
Lights:  Roman Fliegel

Production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto
Coproduction Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia


Premiere: 27 April 2022, Reggio Emilia, Teatro Municipale Valli

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