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PRELUDIO is a creation for 5 performers designed around some of the most intense songs by Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave, one of the greatest exponents of Post Punk. In his songs, Cave explores the interplay of themes such as love, “belief”, addiction, obsession and loss, crossing over each other as if he were telling a story, an experience that can be perceived by everyone through his use of notes or tone of voice. His strength is that it is not essential to fully understand the content or the source of inspiration in order to ‘hear’ and ‘be heard’. Through his work, Cave argues that we should not go to the theatre, to a concert, to a museum, in order to understand, but in order to ask questions and to enrich ourselves, to analyse ourselves.

In one of his pieces I found the question I wanted to ask myself for this creation: MAH SANCTUM (my belief).


What do I believe in? I believe in the ‘body’, I believe in its fragility and strength, in its limitation and expansion, in its capacity for change and constant transformation, I believe in its contemporaneity, but also in its capacity to continue to feel those emotions that have been handed down to us; I believe in its violent beauty and frightening fragility. In this work I research above all on these obsessions, compulsions, addictions, contrasts, transforming the bodies of the five dancers not into men and women, but into emotional impulses; impulses that are part of written poems of which it would be enough to understand that they do not end there on the stage.

PRELUDIO is my profane prayer, my love letter to the body, my credo for today.


“PRELUDIO” has being created in 2021 for Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto as a part of the evening “STORIE”

Choreography: Diego Tortelli

Music: Nick Cave

Light design: Carlo Cerri

Assistant to the choreographer: Casia Vengoechea

Video Maker: Valeria Civardi

Press photos: Celeste Lombardi


DURATION 18' for 5 dancers


Co-production Teatro Ristori di Verona Preview 27 February 2021, Teatro Ariosto, Reggio Emilia 

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