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ANOTHER STORY wants to tell the new story of the most feared and at the same time desired gesture of 2020, suffering from a global epidemic: the hug. A gesture as simple as a hug has now been reinvented by adding infinite variations to its most basic meaning, transforming itself into the most hidden desire and, on the other side, into an almost “terrorist” act, without losing its deep meaning of actual carnal sharing. Another story thus becomes a solitary hug, a shared hug, a violent, painful, tiring and also desired, hidden, intimate, idolised hug… the only prediction we cannot rely on is how this simple gesture will continue its mutation; what choreographer Diego Tortelli intends to do is to write another story for it to be felt and watched by both performer and spectator.


“Another Story” has being created in 2021 for Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto as a part of the evening “STORIE”

Choreography: Diego Tortelli

Music: Spiritualized

Music consultant: Federico Bigonzetti

Light design: Carlo Cerri

Video Maker: Valeria Civardi

Press Photos: Luca Condorelli


DURATION 13' for 2 dancers 


Co-production Teatro Ristori di Verona Preview 27 February 2021, Teatro Ariosto, Reggio Emilia 

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