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1 meter CLOSER

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterbal
Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterbal

Screendance shot in quarantine

First (video)performance: 29 April 2020 – International Dance Day - RAI 5


Choreographer, director, composer and dancers created the performance between 24 March and 27 April 2020, each in isolation in their own home in Milan, Turin, London, Reggio Emilia and Lerici. “1 meter CLOSER” is a choreographic creation for video inspired by the present day that we are living today. It is a difficult worldwide moment that is forcing us to face a new form of sensibility and creativity. The concept of “1 meter CLOSER” is based on this. The title clearly refers to the safety distance that we have to keep from people like ourselves who are human beings, or rather citizens of the world. This safety distance is what guarantees us a closer relationship in a collective goal. We are therefore talking about a new emotional experience that builds a connection determined by a physical/geographic distance, but a strong closeness in our desire to feel joined in overcoming and fighting an invisible enemy. Nothing better than the body of the dancers locked in their homes can tell us what we are living and how this distance can turn into a bridge that joins us, where the private place turns into a common horizon changing its value and where every difference is combined in the sharing of a moment of virtual embrace. An embrace of a relationship at a distance, but with a global force. The strength of the body of the dance in captivity that is presented to its audience through the screen in a succession of moving images“.


Choreography: dancers in partnership with Diego Tortelli

Shooting: dancers in partnership with Valeria Civardi

Direction: Valeria Civardi and Diego Tortelli

Music / original composition: Federico Bigonzetti

Voice and lyrics: Emily Denton

Sax and arrangements: Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti

Editing: Valeria Civardi

Dancers: Saul Daniele Ardillo, Damiano Artale, Estelle Bovay, Hektor Budlla, Martina Forioso, Clément Haenen, Arianna Kob, Philippe Kratz, Ina Lesnakowski, Grace Lyell, Ivana Mastroviti, Giulio Pighini, Roberto Tedesco, Hélias Tur – Dorvault, Serena Vinzio

Press photos: Valeria Civardi

Artistic coordination: Sveva Berti

Production: Rossella Caldarelli

Communications: Raffaele Filace

Press Office: Stefania Catellani

And all staff of Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto


Production: Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto

With the support of Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia 

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