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Alison Kent, Dance Europe, Dec 20/ Jan 21

Diego Tortelli: Snow Crash

„Snow crash is a term to describe the whiteish grey static visible on a television set or monitor at the end of transmission or when a laptop computer crashes (…). Tortelli’s impassioned question to the audience is about how mankind copes with living in a digital world, the present world of Homo Digitalis. Passwords, voice recognition, log in, log out, when in doubt check with Alexa! (…)

The choreographer sets out to deconstruct the basic elements with the help of three exceptionally talented performers: Corey Scott-Gilbert, a familiar face on the free dance scene in Germany, plays more of an active role (…). Dominic Santia appears to imply the thoughts circling inside of Scott-Gilbert’s head (….), and Casia Vengoechea, a stunning New Yorker (…), portrays the voice (…). She personifies the answer to all questions like a character out of Second Life (…). In reality she moves beautifully, her long extended limbs sustained and controlled (…).

The wide-angled set paints an uncomfortable picture, a seemingly uncompromising tussle between fact and illusion that Tortelli succeeds in bringing to the viewer’s attention through his skillful choreography that incites, cross-examines and resolves with alarming effect.” 


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