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Danza e Fragilità - Inter-view - ph. Lau
Danza e Fragilità - Inter-view - ph. Lau



Taking my cue from the main concepts of LEGAMI / intimacy, relationships and new worlds, I thought of a micro-performance/installation starting from the simple idea of "interview", a word that when broken in two can mean "internal vision/ inter-view". If in journalism the interview is the written reproduction of a dialogue, in which a journalist asks questions in order to obtain information from the interviewee, in this performance the interviewees, i.e. the two performers, will answer the great question of the "encounter" and of what it means to create a "bond" through their bodies, their skills, the points in common and the points of conflict between two different bodies and professions.

A real opportunity to restore truth and strength to the performer who presents himself to the public no longer as an interpreter in the hands of the director, but with his own truth, his story told by the body in the service of a performance, a place, an encounter, a bond; to create an intimate moment with the other and with the spectator.

A dancer of Aterballetto Clément Haenen. A Paralympic wheel-fencer, the young Emanuele Lambertini. From their encounter comes a first study by Diego Tortelli, dedicated to the exploration of scenic rituals and virtuosities outside the traditional canons. The small performance dialogues with Crack, Jacopo Benassi’s photographic exhibition as part of Fotografia Europea 2019.


13th 14th  APRIL 2019 Chiostri San Pietro (Reggio Emilia)

30th November 2019 Fonderia (Reggio Emilia)

Choreography: Diego Tortelli

Dancers: Clèment Haenen, Emanuele Maniscalco

Music: AAVV

Light design: Carlo Cerri

Video graphic design: Diego Tortelli

DURATION 20’ for 2 dancers

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto in collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Magnani / Fotografia Europea

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